• Recognizing the Symptoms of Autism

    Early Autism treatment is associated with improved outcomes, so identifying early signs of Autism is essential. There are a number of Autism symptoms, and they may manifest differently different at different ages. If you recognize any of these potential Autism symptoms in your child, consider discussing them with your doctor.

    No Personal Engagement signs of autism Ventura

    Even before babies can speak, they engage with their parents. Through eye contact and physical closeness, babies build close bonds with their families. In children with Autism , engagement with others may not occur with the same frequency or may not occur at all. You may notice that your child refuses to make eye contact and doesn’t smile, even when you smile at him or her. Babies with Autism may not respond to nonverbal cues, like following your finger when you point at something, and won’t cry or babble to get your attention or in response to his or her name. Initially, some of these symptoms may even make it seem like your baby is simply very well behaved, since he or she is quiet, but as they persist, they often become more concerning.

    Difficulty Playing

    Children with Autism have a difficult time playing alone or with other children. When alone, children with Autism may not play pretend games and may struggle to understand how to play with their toys in an age-appropriate manner. When with others, children with Autism may be disinterested in interacting or otherwise joining in with games in an age-appropriate way.

    Delayed Communication

    Both verbal and nonverbal communication are delayed for children with Autism. Babies may not babble, and toddlers may begin talking later than their peers. When children with Autism do speak, they may use an unusual tone of voice or repeat the same words over and over. They may also have difficulty understanding nonverbal communication and using nonverbal cues themselves.

    If you recognize these potential symptoms of Autism in your child, see a doctor and reach out to Star of CA for help. We provide support to families with everything from child psychology to behavioral therapy in Ventura . Find out how we can help you by calling (805) 644-7827.

  • Autism and Health Insurance in California [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Being a parent is both a challenging and rewarding experience, and it can come with a unique set of challenges if you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Thanks to a California law that went into effect in July of 2012, insurance coverage is now mandated for behavioral health treatments for people with autism. All fully-funded insurance plans that are regulated by the state must cover treatment for those with an autism spectrum disorder. These treatments can include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as well as speech and occupational therapy. Take a look at this infographic from Star of CA, a center for autism treatment in Los Angeles , to learn more about the autism insurance mandate and how ABA can help people with autism. Please share with your friends and family.