• What Is Stereotypy?

    Stereotypy, colloquially known as “self-stimulatory behavior,” is a core symptom of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is one of the first symptoms that parents often report to their pediatrician. Stereotypy takes many different forms including turning light switches on and off, humming, repetitively tapping surfaces, and lining up objects. All children (and adults!) engage in stereotypy of some sort, but the persistent nature of stereotypy in children with ASD often inhibits learning and socialization.

    If you have concerns about the rate or intensity of your child’s stereotypy, the professionals of STAR of CA are here to help with comprehensive behavioral therapy in Ventura , as well as parent education and other forms of family support. You can find out more about autism treatment and the characteristics of autism by calling (805) 644-7827.