• Recognizing the Benefits of Positive Behavior Support

    autism spectrum Ventura Positive Behavior Support is a type of behavioral therapy that can help children with Autism use appropriate behaviors across all of the environments they frequent. PBS focuses on teaching and rewarding adaptive behaviors so that children develop healthier ways to get their needs met. Successful Positive Behavior Support helps kids and parents establish positive and healthy patterns of behavior.

    No matter what challenging behavior your child exhibits, Positive Behavior Support starts with giving you a clear understanding of what your child is trying to communicate. Once you understand the function of the behavior, you will be ready to reinforce healthier ways for your child to get his or her needs met. By pre-teaching appropriate behaviors and then rewarding your child for using them, he or she will learn appropriate ways to communicate these needs.

    At Star of CA, we know Autism is challenging, and our behavioral therapy in Ventura is designed to help you establish new positive behavior patterns. Find out how we help kids with all types of autism symptoms and their families by calling (805) 644-7827.