• 11 Best Mental Health and Autism Spectrum Disorder Podcasts for 2021

    As a parent, guardian, or caretaker of someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you want to remain informed about the latest news, trends, and strategies on the subject. You also hope to prioritize your own mental health. One easy way to accomplish your goals is to listen to podcasts! Here are 11 of the best mental health and ASD podcasts for 2021.

    1. Spectrumly Speaking is a biweekly podcast geared toward women with ASD. The cohosts share personal stories, discuss autism spectrum topics, and interview some of the community’s most fascinating voices. Find it on iTunes and Stitcher.
    2. Parenting ADHD & Autism with Parenting Coach Penny Williams helps parents stop battling their kids and start empowering them instead. You’ll receive valuable training and hear words of support, hope, and encouragement. Listen here.
    3. The Self Advocate focuses on interviewing people with cognitive disabilities who advocate for themselves. Topics range from music and meditation practices to discussions about relevant holidays and events. Find it on iTunes.
    4. The Autism Helper is a daily podcast providing tips to improve the lives of people with ASD. Discussions include tips to deal with trauma, tolerate transitions, and learn remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find it on iTunes and Stitcher.
    5. Adventures in Autism was created as a safe place for parents, siblings, and friends of people with ASD to share their experiences with others who “get it.” Listen here.
    6. Josh Has Autism is a podcast hosted by a mother living with an adult son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. She offers insights from the frontlines, which are insightful, sometimes comedic, and always informative. Find it on iTunes and Stitcher.
    7. The Autism Dad Podcast has weekly episodes about parenting, mental health, ADHD, autism, and much more. Listeners love the no-nonsense approach the host takes when discussing these topics. Listen here.
    8. The Anxiety Podcast isn’t just about handling anxiety—it’s about moving past it. The host is intimately familiar with anxiety and panic attacks and shares how he changed his life in order to recover. Find it on iTunes.
    9. Other People’s Problems gives you the chance to sit in on usually private conversations to help demystify mental health struggles. It provides an intimate look at everything from traumatic childhoods to turbulent divorces. Listen here.
    10. The Homecoming Podcast is where psychology meets spirituality, art, and culture. The host is a licensed psychologist and ordained minister, providing a unique perspective on handling the challenges of everyday life. Find it on iTunes.
    11. The Trauma Therapist Podcast features interviews with psychologists and trauma experts. The host is a mental health professional as well. Watch it here.

    At STAR of CA, we are here to provide support, keep you informed of opportunities for your kids, and offer life-changing therapies. In addition to listening to podcasts, you may find it beneficial to participate in our integrated, evidence-based behavioral and psychological services for people with ASD. To learn more, please contact us online or call 805.588.8896.