Fun Activities for Fall

Fun Activities for Fall

Fall is such a great time of year. Cooler days, nights bordering on brisk, cozy sweaters, and comfort foods are the hallmarks of the season. It’s also the perfect time to have some fun with your kids! We’ve got a few suggestions.

  • Go for roll. Rolling down a hill is great fun, and a great way to build large motor coordination and vestibular orientation. If your child seems put-off by the idea, sliding down a grassy hill on a cardboard square is just as fun.
  • Make the most of the fall leaves. Grab a couple of rakes and let kids rake them into piles, then jump in the piles to enjoy the satisfying crunch and earthy smell. After they’re worn out from the jumping, they can rake the leaves again and bag them. Raking, bagging, and dragging the bags down the driveway build muscle tone, improve circulation, instill a healthy work ethic, and promote life skills.
  • Go exploring. Take a hike, packing a snack and plenty of water. Or take it further into the woods and camp out overnight. Fall is perfect for camping and cooking over a campfire! It’s also a great time to explore fall activities. Hit the pumpkin patch, go apple picking, or take the kids on a hayride. There’s so much to experience this season.
  • Have fun in your own back yard. Or front yard, or sidewalk, or driveway- there are plenty of ways to have fall fun at home! Draw with sidewalk chalk, make homemade apple stamps, or create an outdoor obstacle course. Carve pumpkins, giving your kids the sensory experience of digging out the guts. Another fun thing to do is create a treasure hunt for your kids. Give them a list of seasonal items to find: a pinecone, a stick, a red leaf, and so on. When they collect all the treasures, discuss about what makes each item special.
  • Taste the season. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores, enjoying the flavors, scents, and ooey-gooey texture. Baking seasonal treats together is a fun and educational activity. Let your kids measure, pour, stir, and perhaps crack an egg! It can get messy, but the treat will be its own reward and your children will have built meaningful skills.
  • Make a sensory box. Fall has a wealth of wonderful sensory items. Mini pumpkins, bumpy gourds, dried corn on the cob, corn husks, popping corn kernels, and beans will have your child scooping, pouring, grabbing, and enjoying the textures and colors while developing motor skills.

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