• Find Out How One Boy with ASD and His Dog Bonded

    Jonny Hickey was less than one year old when he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. At first, Jonny was reluctant to communicate, did not like to make eye contact, and had difficulty learning basic tasks. Then, as this video explains, Xena came into his life. Xena was a rescue dog who had been severely abused by her previous owners. Now, Jonny and Xena are inseparable—and Jonny has shown remarkable progress. Watch the full video to learn the story of this remarkable pair.

    If you’re looking for the resources you need to raise a child with ASD, STAR of CA can help. We take an ABA-based approach to providing therapies for ASD in the Ventura area, drawing on a wide array of proven, effective strategies. To learn more, please call us at (805) 644-7827.

  • What Parents Can Learn in Our ABA Classes

    If you are raising a child who has autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, you probably have plenty of questions—and understandably so. The definition of ASD has evolved over time, and the techniques that are used to foster positive development in children with ASD have changed to meet our growing understanding of the disorder. Many families who are dealing with this issue, however, don’t have access to the latest and most beneficial information. That’s why STAR of CA offers parent education courses designed to explain how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used to treat mental health issues. Our ABA courses arm parents with the knowledge they need to understand how effective ABA intervention can assist their child’s development.

    If you would like to learn more about how STAR of CA can help you with the challenges presented by ASD, call us today at (805) 644-7827. We work to ensure that families and communities in the Ventura area receive the education, skills, and resources necessary toeffectively confront common childhood developmental disorders and behavioral issues.

  • Understanding Challenging ASD Behaviors

    In children with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, you may notice behaviors that can get in the way of daily routines. As you work with your child to improve these challenging behaviors through ABA , it can be helpful to learn to identify each behavior so that it can be addressed properly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the behavioral challenges that exist with ASD.


    When a child with ASD leaves a safe environment, such as his or her home or school, without permission, it is known as elopement. Elopement is common among children who have ASD.


    Non-compliance happens when a child with ASD does not follow instructions, such as directions from a parent or a teacher.

    Repetitive Behaviors

    Many children with ASD can become intensely absorbed in particular hobbies and other activities to the point that it makes it difficult for them to focus on anything else. This type of behavior may prove challenging when it comes to making big changes to the home or school environment.


    Some children who have ASD may engage in harmful behavior towards themselves. Some known behaviors include hair pulling, pinching, or biting.

    Managing behaviors associated with ASD has its challenges, but help is available with STAR of CA. We provide research-based therapy near Ventura along with whole family support to facilitate happier homes for children with ASD. To learn more about our programs and dedicated team, give us a call today at (805) 644-7827.