• Spotlight on Our Psychological Assessment Services

    Managing disorders on the autism spectrum requires a personalized approach with dedicated solutions for each individual patient. The age, personality, cognitive function, and behavioral profile of an individual with ASD will inform the creation of an individualized treatment plan . With STAR of CA, you can rest assured that your child is entering a care system that is dedicated to providing customized care from highly trained therapists in Ventura.

    Our organization provides home- and community-based care that is tailored to the needs of individual children and their families. With our full psychological assessment service, we are able to determine the appropriate solutions for academic, social, and personal development concerns specific to your child. Our assessment services include psychodiagnostic, psychoeducational, behavioral, and intelligence testing that will point to the right clinical and behavioral health services for your family.

    In addition to behavioral and psychological care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, STAR of CA provides a wealth of resources for parents and families to create a more successful continuum of effective treatment strategies. To learn more about us, call (805) 644-7827 or visit our website for further reading.

  • Understanding and Managing Self-Injurious Behaviors

    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may display several behaviors of concern, including inadequate communicative skills, repetitive movements, ritualistic behaviors, and restlessness or difficulty sleeping. Among one of the most frightening behaviors noted in individuals with ASD is self-injurious behavior , or SIB. Though SIB is not officially categorized as a symptom of ASD, many on the spectrum engage in SIB. This type of behavior may include actions such as biting, poking, scratching, or cutting oneself, possibly to the point of severe or life-threatening injuries. Obviously, SIB is a serious concern for parents of children with ASD, and it should not go unaddressed.

    Causes of Self-Injurious Behavior

    The antecedents for SIB can vary across individuals. The first step in designing an effective intervention plan is to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment to identify the variables maintaining SIB. Once identified, an appropriate treatment plan can be created and implemented.

    Assessment and Management of SIB

    An individual care approach is integral for successfully managing SIB, because risk factors and behavioral patterns will vary among individuals. Applied Behavioral Analysis-based therapy is often incredibly successful at reducing instances of SIB, and also teaches functional replacement skills to take the place of SIB.

    STAR of CA can serve as a resource as your child works to overcome the challenges of autism. Our Ventura child therapists are dedicated to providing complete community mental health services for families affected by autism, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (805) 644-7827.

  • A Parent’s Guide to ABA [INFOGRAPHIC]

    After a child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), parents are often bombarded with information about potential ASD treatment approaches that may not only be ineffective, but may also be dangerous. In reality, the most tested, researched, and widely accepted treatment for ASD is Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA therapy. ABA therapy relies on knowledge of how people learn to encourage positive behavior modifications. At STAR of CA , we rely only on evidence-based ABA therapy to help children on the autism spectrum and their families cope with symptoms and manage behavior. You can learn more about ABA therapy in this Infographic from our center for ASD and related disorders in Ventura. If your child has been recently diagnosed with ASD or you are unhappy with your current treatment plan, reach out to us to find out how we can help. Please help us raise autism awareness and understanding of ABA by sharing this information.