Understanding the Link Between Autism and Communication Problems

One area in which children on the autism spectrum often struggle is communication. The type of communication difficulties experienced by children with ASD can vary a great deal. Here is a look at some of the communication difficulties children on the autism spectrum may display.


Hyperlexia , a fairly uncommon characteristic, is characterized by a child’s ability to read far above grade/age level but an inability to understand the meaning of the text. Likewise, children with hyperlexia have difficulty using and understanding verbal language and with social interactions. Children with hyperlexia struggle to process words that are spoken to them, but their ability to read can prove useful in helping them learn and retain information.

Understanding Gestures

For children with autism spectrum disorder, reading social cues from other people can sometimes be difficult. Children on the autism spectrum may not understand gestures like waving and pointing and may struggle to use gestures in their own communication. The inability to understand and use gestures when communicating with others can lead to frustration and behavioral issues.

Maintaining Conversations

Conversations can be difficult for children on the autism spectrum. Because conversation skills may not come naturally, it is a skill that may need be practiced and taught. Regular, consistent practice often proves successful in helping children with ASD learn to hold reciprocal conversations.

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