Promoting Appropriate Replacement Behaviors using Positive Behavioral Support Principles

Children on the autism spectrum often display certain behavioral problems, but a Positive Behavioral Support plan from STAR of CA can help. Positive Behavioral Support—or PBS— helps families reduce stress and improve quality of life by teaching the individual functionally equivalent ways to get their needs met, for instance: requesting cookies appropriately instead of throwing a tantrum to get cookies.

PBS begins with a functional behavioral assessment to determine what function the maladaptive behavior serves. Next, a series of strategies are employed to reduce negative behaviors and replace them with positive replacement behaviors. The replacement behaviors are often taught in a contrived one-on-one setting, and then generalized to more natural settings.

PBS is just one of the methods that STAR of CA uses to address the symptoms of ASD and help improve quality of life for children and their families. You can get more information about autism treatment in Ventura by calling us today at (805) 644-7827.

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