• Getting to Know STAR of CA

    At STAR of CA, we have been providing comprehensive treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families in Ventura County since 2006. Before founding STAR of CA, our team worked with families across the Los Angeles area until they decided to bring their expertise and autism awareness to their home community.

    Our focus is on providing evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment, or ABA, to children with autism to remediate their behavioral excesses and deficits. Our nurturing environment is not only a safe place for children on the autism spectrum but also their families. Since opening, we have also begun to offer mental health services to the greater Ventura County community.

    Get the help your family needs with autism therapies by calling STAR of CA . Our compassionate staff of autism specialists can help your entire family learn new ways to deal with the challenges that autism can bring. To find out more, please call (805) 644-7827.

  • Sharing your Child’s Autism Diagnosis with the Teacher

    When your child with autism enters the classroom setting, making an ally of the teacher can make everyone feel more at ease. Although some parents of children on the autism spectrum are hesitant to discuss their child’s diagnosis with their teacher, open communication is critical to school success. Remember, your child’s teacher wants to see him or her succeed and have a good school experience; the more you work together, the better it will be for your child.

    Share Information

    You have a vast amount of information about your child, from what kinds of routines work for you at home to what to do if he or she is struggling behaviorally. Your child’s teacher is learning about him or her on the go, in a classroom full of students and other demands. You can make it easier for the teacher to give your child the support he or she needs to be successful by sharing as much information as possible.

    Set Up a Communication System

    Decide together how you would like the teacher to communicate with you. Daily emails, weekly phone calls, or a written communication log are all useful modalities. Your child’s teacher may not know exactly what information you would like, so decide at the outset what you would like to hear about. Sticking to a regular communication system prevents you from feeling frustrated at a lack of information and the teacher from worrying about bombarding you with too much detail.

    Stay Positive

    If your child’s teacher does not have experience with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, there may be a learning curve as he or she figures out how to give your child the best possible support. As a parent, mistakes by the teacher can be frustrating, but it is more productive to focus on the positive results and offer advice.

    At STAR of CA, we help children on the autism spectrum in Ventura build the skills to help them succeed in the classroom and in personal relationships. If your family needs help managing life with autism , please call (805) 644-7827.

  • Inside the World of Autism

    What does it feel like to be on the autism spectrum? What are the signs of autism that parents should be looking for? Watch this video to hear a child with autism describe what it feels like for him.

    Being on the autism spectrum can feel lonely and scary. Changes of routines and looking people in the eye can cause anxiety and make it difficult to interact fully with the world. Fortunately, early intervention can be life-changing. Being aware of autism symptoms and seeking early and effective treatment is the best way parents can help their children.

    At STAR of CA, we understand the difficulties families face when they discover that a child is on the autism spectrum, and we are here to help with evidence-based interventions. Find out more about how we help children with autism in Ventura by calling (805) 644-7827.